Has life changed for The Bachelor’s Matty J?

  • Jul 26, 2017

The Bachelor Australia’s Matty J made headlines across the country when Georgia Love told him he wasn’t the one during last year’s Bachelorette finale.

Hearts broke, tears flowed and outrage ensued. Now he’s back.

Ready to jump back into the national spotlight again, only this time, he’s the star. So how has life changed for the Sydney-sider since that very public dismissal?

“Life hasn’t actually changed that much, apart from doing these kinds of interviews,” he told Melbourne Lyf.

“I guess the main difference now is just people second glance at you, especially now because all the promos have started. But life is pretty similar.”

The 30-year-old still works for a marketing agency full-time and hangs out with friends and family on the weekends, just like, you know, a regular guy.

Not exactly what we were expecting from the man who was on the whole country’s lips just last year.

“I wish I had something exciting to tell you, like I drive a Maserati.”

But that’s what makes Matty J so appealing, both as a prospective suitor and a reality TV star. He’s got that down-to-earth attitude.

He’s even fairly level-headed about the decision to thrust himself back into the limelight.

The Bachelor Australia's Matty J. Photo: Supplied

The Bachelor Australia’s Matty J. Photo: Supplied

“It was a tricky one [deciding to become the Bachelor]. There were a lot of pros and cons.

“You are one guy with 22 women, whereas on The Bachelorette, you are competing against other guys, so that was a big draw card.

“I was also really conscious that there is no guarantee that anybody is going to fall in love with you and do I really want to have the responsibility of breaking someone else’s heart knowing how much it hurt when I went through it myself?

“But I like to see myself as a positive guy and I think if I really wanted to find love and open myself up, then I think it can happen again.

“I guess my gut was telling me that I should do it.”

The Bachelor Australia's Matty J. Photo: Supplied

The Bachelor Australia’s Matty J. Photo: Supplied

The Brisbane born lad has lived in Sydney, London and back in Sydney in recent times. But he does have a soft spot for old Melbourne town.

“Since coming back from London I’ve been to Melbourne twice and prior to that my sister actually lived in Melbourne for a little while so I used to go down and visit her when I could.

“Melbourne actually reminds me so much of London. I get such a European vibe which is kind of nice to have that sense of still being close to Europe even though it’s half way across the world.

“There definitely is a bit of rivalry [with Sydney], but I think I can safely say that Sydney wins when it comes to beaches but you guys win when it comes to food and coffee.”

Fair enough, Matty. Fair enough.

Bachie bonus questions:

Do you regret signing up for The Bachelor?

“By far it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Will your protective sister be back this season?

“I guess all my family are pretty protective of me but to what extent you will have to wait and see.”

Will there be an Osher bromance?

“I think most of the Osher bromance was off camera.

“I would like to say that this season obviously will be a love story. I think it will be one that is filled with humour as well and I think looking at all the girls that were on the show there really is a really broad mix of personalities.”

Who’s the lucky winner this season?

“I am a really big believer in opposites not attracting and I completely appreciate that it’s different for everybody, but for myself, what helped me finding someone that I connected with was finding someone that I really aligned with in terms of my values and attitudes and interests and I think it’s that common ground that really allows a connection to be really strong.”

Hmmmmmm, who could that be? Check out all this year’s bachelorettes here and see if you can figure it out.