Four ways to make your next dinner party Insta-worthy

  • Sep 9, 2017

It’s not easy to get that fine dining restaurant look in your own home, especially when you open the cupboard and see nothing but mismatched dinner sets with more chips than a Thins packet.

We caught up with Ashley Tran-Suzuki and Sam Bailey, the head honchos behind new Melbourne lifestyle brand Black Crate (more on the name later), to discuss how to transform your dinner parties from drab to Insta-fab.

Photo: Black Crate

Photo: Black Crate

“Having worked within the homeware retail industry for some time, we realised very early on that customers were looking for that perfect dinnerware collection – something unique in design, yet classic in its colour palette, that would transform their at-home dining experience,” Ashley says.

Sam added that Melburnians are seeking to recreate that restaurant glamour in the comfort of their own home.

“People are house proud, they want their house to feel like a showroom,” Sam says.

So how do you get that high-end, on trend restaurant quality look? Here are a few handy tips so the next Insta pic you snap goes from ahh-no to ahh-mazing.

1. Coloured cutlery

Photo: Black Crate

Photo: Black Crate

Have you seen heaps of different coloured cutlery dominating your Insta feed lately? You’re not imagining things. Coloured cutlery is so hot right now.

But if you’re going to venture into this world, remember: quality is key.

“There is a real shortage because the high quality coloured stuff has really just come into trend,” Sam says.

“I was fixated on black cutlery and gold is really cool, also copper as well, but with coloured cutlery, it’s so hard to get it at commercial grade because it means that it can’t scratch.

“I’ve tested other brands personally and I know that they just deteriorate, so it was really a challenge to get the good stuff. But we did.”

2. Marble

Photo: Black Crate

Photo: Black Crate

A marble dinner setting is the statement you’ve been looking for. Not to mention it seriously pops in photos.

But it comes with a disclaimer: If you’re going to splash out on a nicer set, don’t get carried away with accessorising.

“I don’t recommend to mix the marble with any other dinner sets because it is a statement on its own,” Sam says.

“You’ve got to keep it really minimal.

“We are having a lot of wedding inquiries on the marble because it’s such a beautiful look. We usually pair it back with wood accessories.”

3. Experiment with colour and texture

Photo: Black Crate

Photo: Black Crate

Don’t be afraid to mix it up when it comes to your plates (except for marble, obvi). Different coloured plates and different textures, will be noticeable when your guests sit down to eat (and whip out their phones).

“It’s about making tones and texture work,” Sam says.

“You see it in magazines and you’re like: how do I get that look?

“We don’t stock a plain white set at Black Crate, because everyone has one. But what you can do is buy a black or different colour set to go with it.

“Our Nirvana range, which is made in Dubai, has a real porous finish. They’ve got a really different feel – a matte finish which is really popular at the moment.

“They mix beautifully with any of your textured plates.

4. Accessorise

Photo: Black Crate

Photo: Black Crate

While it’s important to be measured in your approach, adding extra elements can help make your table setting pop.

“I think that where a lot of people go wrong is, they over accessorise on the table.

“Your approach all depends on the size and style of your table and how many people are sitting down to it.

“With glassware, I think it’s all about the angle of the glass – at Black Crate we’re all about angles.

“And it’s always nice to drink out of a lightweight glass.”

Earthy accessories will also complement (without overpowering) your plates and bowls.

“Solid timber salt and pepper shakers made of walnut and oak can work.

“And we have boards made out of Acacia.”

About Black Crate

Black Crate was created on the ethos of quality, texture and style and founders Ashley Tran-Suzuki and Sam Bailey put you in the same seat as some of Melbourne’s finest restaurants, working directly with suppliers to harness the same buying power as major players and creating an avenue for the consumer.

“We are buying things that, in a commercial sense, people can buy but only through a distributor, and even then they can only buy a minimum of 500 plates.

“But we are coming and supplying those plates directly to the public.”

Black Crate aims to be the destination that transforms dining spaces – to find out more about their products and five key collections, Genesis, Dante, Nirvana, Canyon and Cirrus, visit their website or their new Showroom in Fitzroy.

Photo: Black Crate

Photo: Black Crate

What’s in a name?

Each dinner set is uniquely packaged in a complimentary custom-made black wooden crate which is both functional and serves as an original visually appealing piece in any home.

“Offering beautiful packaging was very important to us and we really wanted to create something distinctly unique to the brand – the black crate is not only synonymous with our name but it perfectly brings to life our story,” Sam says.

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– The Melbourne Lyf team.