Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s epic Comedy Pub Crawl

  • Apr 2, 2017

Ahem, ‘scuse us fam, but we’ve got some exciting news! We’ve found the best value Melbourne International Comedy Show, and better yet – it’s a Comedy Pub Crawl.

The night boasts four comedians plus host Scotsman Alan Anderson (also known as the Whisky Comedian), and takes the audience to four pubs in Melbourne’s CBD.

  • Comedy Pub Crawl
  • Cost: $35.30
  • Tickets here.

And the clincher? Tickets are only $35.30. You’re not going to get better value for a night out than that!

Comedy Pub Crawl memories.

Comedy Pub Crawl memories.

The event was created by the Scots. I know what you’re thinking: how did Aussies not come up with this first? And is billed as: “A pub crawl with a twist.”

“Join our gang stomping round four bars with drinks promos and a mystery top-class comedian in each venue.

“Previous pub crawl comics at over a decade of massive sell-out shows in Adelaide, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Perth include Adam Hills, Alan Carr, Celia Pacquola, Dave Callan, John Bishop, Ross Noble, Jim Jefferies, Boy With Tape On His Face, Sarah Millican, Kevin Bridges, Marcel Lucont, Fiona O’Loughlin and Greg Fleet.”

Now one of the best parts about the Comedy Pub Crawl is that it’s all a bit of a mystery. So how to tell you, our loyal readers, how awesome this is without giving away all the secrets?

Well, we’ll do our best.

Comedy Pub Crawl

Stop 1

Pub: The Exford Hotel

Comedian: A Melbourne star who has appeared on Conan and performed at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival.

What happened: Alan Anderson, the usual compere for the Comedy Pub Crawl, is, shall we say, enthusiastic. Within minutes, he’s on a first name basis with numerous members of the crowd. In fact, for about ten minutes, the crowd provides a fair whack of the entertainment. If you’ve got a fear of audience participation, maybe sit at the back of the room. Our comedian is brilliant, and the $5 Stella Artois stubbies start things off on the right note.

Comedy Pub Crawl memories.

Comedy Pub Crawl memories.

Stop 2

Pub: A true Melbourne institution (less than five minutes from the Exford)

Comedian: Another Aussie who crushes his performance

What happened: Stop 2 and already the crowd is getting vocal. We’re in an intimate setting where half of the crowd sits on the floor, a quarter get chairs and the final quarter stand up the back. Standing kinda sucked, but the comedy was good, and the venue was cool.

Comedy Pub Crawl memories.

Comedy Pub Crawl memories.

Stop 3

Pub: A back alley Melbourne club, a stone’s throw from Flinders Street Station

Comedian: A slightly more obscure Aussie, straight outta the UK

What happened: This venue was pretty random. It was Melbourne Lyf’s first visit there. It felt kind of like an underground bunker. The comedian was a bit more hit and miss than the first two. You could sense a bit of restlessness in the crowd as a result.

Comedy Pub Crawl memories.

Comedy Pub Crawl memories.

Stop 4

Pub: A pub literally two minutes from Stop 4

Comedian: A quality Aussie comedian who didn’t miss a beat

What happened: By the fourth and final stop, the crowd was in full voice – literally. We had a sing-along to Queen, Johnny Farnham, and The Proclaimers. There was dancing in the aisles, and one very, very apologetic dude spilled three pints on a stranger. The final comedian is an Aussie based in LA, and by far the stand out of the evening. he’s written for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC and Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell. He was well worth the wait.

Comedy Pub Crawl memories.

Comedy Pub Crawl memories.


Look, it’s a pub crawl. So if you’re up for a quiet night viewing some comedy, stick to the Town Hall. But if you’re up for something different, and a great night out with friends (as well as some pretty amazing drink specials), this is the event for you. We mentioned it’s less than 40 dollarydoos, right?



* Melbourne Lyf attended the Comedy Pub Crawl as a guest of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival