Dark Lake is here to freak you out

  • Jul 1, 2017

When you get into the details of Dark Lake – an interactive horror experience – it sounds like some form of living hell, but damn it if it hasn’t got our full attention.

  • Dark Lake
  • Geelong Oct 12-14
  • Bendigo Oct 19-21
  • Tickets $39.90
  • More information here 

The performance is making its way around Australia and while central Melbourne is missing out, we’re strongly advocating a road trip!

You can take in the show (or be taken by the show) at secret locations in Bendigo and Geelong this October and, well, it looks scary af.

It’s basically like stepping into a horror movie.

Described as a “thrilling interactive theatre experience unlike any other”, participants enter a darkened waterside at night, before being unexpectedly invited to a little girl’s birthday party.

“But as they try to find their way to the celebration, they soon discover that no party in this dark and threatening place can be anything other than a nightmare,” the organisers say.

Make no mistake, this is some scary stuff. Audiences must be over 15, and the Hunted Interactive team behind the event have had people bail halfway through, some times even before they start!

Photo: The Hunted Experience/Facebook

Photo: The Hunted Experience/Facebook

This is a walk- around performance, where small groups move through the story at a time. Audience groups encounter actors spaced throughout the performance area who construct the story around and including them.

“Think of us more like an Edgar Allen Poe story than a gory slasher flick.”

The exact location is a secret. You’ll have to buy tickets to find out where it is.

And expect some audience participation. You enter as an audience member and a character in the story.

You don’t have any lines, but you may be asked to take actions, solve puzzles or make choices! ARRRGHH.

Photo: The Hunted Experience/Facebook

Photo: The Hunted Experience/Facebook

Dark Lake synopsis

Nobody quite knows what’s wrong with Dark Lake. Inexplicable things happen there.

People go missing. People go there after dark, then come out…strange.

Changed, somehow. People see things, they hear voices.

No one knows what’s causing the pervasive air of menace around this place. Rumours of hauntings and unquiet spirits abound.

Now is your chance to find out the truth for yourself!

Prepare yourself to go down the twisting pathways of Dark Lake…

  • More information here 
Dark Lake is coming to freak you out.

Dark Lake is coming to freak you out.


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