Disposable Art exhibition turning rubbish into art

  • Sep 4, 2017

Primary Arcade’s Disposable exhibition is set to challenge what you think you know about sustainability.

The September exhibition brings a range of artists together using 100% recycled ink and actual rubbish to analyse the idea of disposability.

  • Disposable Exhibition
  • September 5-10
  • BSIDE Gallery, 121 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, 3065
  • primaryarcade.com
Via giphy.com

Via giphy.com

“We would like to kick-start a conversation on the idea of consumable culture with the exhibition ‘Disposable’,” exhibition curator Monica Balaz says.

“Asking a range of artists from a range of traditionally two dimensional backgrounds to challenge their original mediums to re-purpose items destined for the rubbish.

“With this exhibition we aim to highlight the disposability of objects in everyday life and the effects of expendable culture on our society.”

Primary Arcade is a growing community of artists with more than a hundred members across Australia.

“Our goal is to provide a synergetic and supportive network for artists of diverse practices and professional levels, as reflected in our portfolio of various exhibitions, artist collaborations and workshops.”

Disposable exhibition

Disposable exhibition. Flyer: Chris Costa

About BSIDE Gallery

Founded in July 2016 by Judy Griffiths, and owned and operated by Ariana Leane since January 2017, BSIDE Gallery is an exciting new creative space in Fitzroy.

Challenging the traditional gallery setting, BSIDE works to reclaim artistic integrity in Melbourne’s oldest suburb against increasing tides of development.


Alan Jones, Alice Kaps, Aleksandra Susnica, Anica Costa, Anna Litwinowicz, Baaqiy Ghazali, Balazova Black, Callum Preston, Cassie Stevens, Chris Costa, DNART, Ella Heckendorf, Frances Cannon, Giulia May, Harley and Händen, Jack Summers, Jake Roden, James Hornsby, John Kaye, Jordan Lucky, Kitt Bennett, Leona Fietz, Leon Tan, Lucy Lucy, Madeline Joy, Madbutt, Melissa Grisancich, Natalie Rachel, Nicole Black, Sophia Mary Mac, Stephanie Nagy, Stephanie Mente, Stinkhorns, Taylah Moore, Te’Claire.

Primary Arcade thanks Lousy Ink for sponsoring the artists with 100% recycled ink. Proudly donating to Pay a Sack Forward, which distributes essential supply sacks to those sleeping on the streets.