James Blunt performed on The Bachelor and everyone lost it

  • Sep 6, 2017

James Blunt is, shall we say, divisive. And his appearance on Wednesday’s episode of The Bachelor Australia drew the kind of reaction you’d expect.

In many cases it was like shooting fish in a barrel, but damn it if we don’t appreciate a cheap gag.

When Matty J took Lisa’s hand and escorted her to the dance floor we very nearly lost the plot.

It was as though the entire country collectively scoffed.

The awkward slow dance combined with the intimate and way too obvious promotional spot for James Blunt’s new single was almost too much to bear. Almost.

Disclaimer: We kind of have a soft spot for James Blunt. His twitter work is pretty much second to none.

For example:

Anyway, here are some of the best reactions to that James Blunt performance. Enjoy.