Want to make the perfect burger?

  • Jul 5, 2017

With all the Masterchefs, My Kitchen Rules, Gordon Ramsays and Jamie Olivers of the world, it’s tough not to feel the pressure in your own kitchen.

It’s like Matt Preston is breathing down your neck every time you turn on the stove. Come on, Matt! Give us some space!

Well, to counter this, the Melbourne Lyf team took on the ultimate challenge: make the perfect burger!

The South Wharf Cooking School has arrived at the  South Wharf precinct, and all the greats are on the menu.

Learn the art of traditional Spanish paella, discover the secrets of sausage making, and of course, master the art of the burger.

We headed to Meat Market in a bid to beef-up our burger game with James Wilkinson.

Meat Market. Photo: Supplied

Meat Market. Photo: Supplied

For a cool $89 in July and August, budding chefs (and absolute novices) will be walked through a two-hour interactive class.

Learn everything from meat selection, condiment preparation, quick pickling, and a pretty sweet barbecue sauce recipe.

In addition to getting some sizzling skills, you also get a walk down memory lane with Chef James.

Looks like we've got a couple of pros on our Burger Making Class today 😱

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“The first burger was apparently made in America and it was just leftover sausage mince and two bits of bread,” he tells us.

“No tomato sauce, no melted cheese, no friend onions. Just sausage mince and white bread but obviously as you’ve seen on Instagram, it has slightly developed since then.”

It sure has! We stacked our burger sky high. Lettuce, pickles, and oh so much cheese!

“A traditional burger is basically just salt and pepper and beef and pork fat,” chef James says.

“It’s more about the flavour of the beef. Chuck has a lot more flavoured compared to porterhouse or something like that.”

After tucking into our amazing burger along with a complimentary beverage, we packed up our extra burger patties and pickles and headed home.

Yup, we’ve been eating burgers all week!

Photo: Supplied

Photo: Supplied

Burger tips

  • Whip your meat out – Leave your meat out of the fridge until it’s about room temperature.
  • Trim the fat – It’s going to stuff up your mincer.
  • Flip it, flip it good – Cook your meat well but only flip it once. If you’ve got it, use a charcoal grill
  • Get saucey – If you’re going to use tomato sauce, use a good brand. It’s a few more dollarydoos but it’s important.

Want to make your own perfect burger? More information here.

Here's one we prepared earlier. Photo: Supplied

Here’s one we prepared earlier. Photo: Supplied

Sausage Making

Learn about different pork cuts, how to make preservative and gluten free sausages, and enjoy their delicious creations over a beer at the end of the class.

Attendees will leave with a take-home pack to share with friends and family (or just eat all to themselves!)

More information here

Paella Cooking

Due to popular demand, Bohemian’s paella classes will continue for the remainder of 2017.

Learn the art of traditional Spanish paella in an interactive class with Bohemian chef Lorenzo Casu.

Explore the complex and unique flavours of paella, cooking techniques and pan workmanship, before enjoying your creation with a glass of wine.

More information here.