Melbourne’s most Insta-worthy dishes as chosen by our top Insta foodies

  • Sep 10, 2017

Looking for Melbourne’s most Instagram-worthy dishes? Look no further.

We’ve asked some of this town’s best Insta-foodies – yes, those lucky peeps who seemingly spend their lives feasting on Melbourne’s best dishes – what their fave Instagram dishes are of 2017.

And whoo boy, they came up with some crackers.

Interestingly, most of the dishes involve some sort of activity or movement. You have to pour, you have to crack, you have to spin, and THEN you can eat them.

After you take an amazing pic, of course.

Short Straw Waffles

Where: Short Straw 743B Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122

Recommended by: @FoodieMelbourne

Short Straw's waffles. Photo @foodiemelbourne

Short Straw’s waffles. Photo @foodiemelbourne

About the dish: Saffron and caramelised banana waffles injected with wild strawberry coulis, topped with lemon curd, whipped cream and chocolate macarons.

Why do you love it? “I love them because they are made for Instagram, but unlike many of the most photogenic dessert dishes in Melbourne, they also taste amazing as well. It is one of my favourite photos I have taken this year!”

Photography tips: “Take the photo from the side, not the top as you get the full height of the dish. Natural lighting is key, and luckily Short Straw is a beautiful light filled cafe so it is pretty easy to take great photos!”

Fairy Floss Rainbow Milk

Where: Son In Law 56 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066

Recommended by: @forksake

Son In Law's Fairy Floss Rainbow Milk. Photo: @forksake

Son In Law’s Fairy Floss Rainbow Milk. Photo: @forksake

About the dish: Made with condensed and evaporated milk, shaken with ice and coloured with fruit syrup, these bad boys are then topped with a cloud of fairy floss!

Why do you love it?

“People don’t order this to drink it, they order it for the gram! It’s the coolest thing to Instagram because it’s super cute. Available as a kitty, a chicken, a bear and many other cute animals!”

Photography tip:

“If you take a selfie with it, you’re bound to get heaps of likes.”

Clacked Egg

Where: Nomada Café y Tapas 412A Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Recommended by: @TheCityLane

Nomada Café y Tapas's Clacked Egg. Photo: @thecitylane

Nomada Café y Tapas’s Clacked Egg. Photo: @thecitylane

About the dish:

Served on a bed of burnt hay, the egg has the contents removed from the shell, with the runny yolk combined with an assortment of ingredients that changes depending on what the kitchen has that day (think things like jamon, wild rice, manchego, potato, mushroom powder, sweet corn) and put back into the shell. It’s a few mouthfuls of deliciousness.

Why do you love it?

“What I love about it is that it’s not a dish that’s trying to follow trends, or go out of its way to be Instagrammable by using lots of colours and crazy ingredient combinations, layers and the like.

“The focus is on taste.”

Photography tip:

“If someone wants to focus on it, the key is to focus on the ingredients inside the egg shell, and to get a bit of the hay and serving bowl/pot.

“Sitting next to the windows during the day to get good lighting is very important.”

The Chocolate Sphere

Where: Long Story Short 40 Crockford St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Recommended by: @topfoodmelbourne

Long Story Short's Chocolate Sphere. Photo: @topfoodmelbourne

Long Story Short’s Chocolate Sphere. Photo: @topfoodmelbourne

About the dish:

It’s a Chocolate sphere with Hazelnut Crunch, Fresh Mango, Magic Dust, Grilled Marshmallows, Cocoa Pearls, Chocolate Crips, Mango Gelato, Chocolate Soi Edible Flowers and Painting Chocolate.

You pour over Pink White Chocolate Champagne!

Why do you love it?

“Long Story Short in Port Melbourne launched The Chocolate Sphere on their birthday.

“We love this dish because it has creates a theatrical side to the shot!”

Photography tip:

“Best shot is mid-pour of the pink/white chocolate champagne as the chocolate sphere melts. Eye level shot is the best.”

House of Spin

Where: Dolce House Gelato 225 Tucker Road, McKinnon 3204 VICTORIA

Recommended by: @CheatMealsofMelbourne

Dolce House Gelato's House of Spin. Photo: @cheatmealsofmelbourne

Dolce House Gelato’s House of Spin. Photo: @cheatmealsofmelbourne

About the dish: A spinning board of Dolce House’s best goodies, including four waffle pieces, three scoops of gelato, cookie dough, brownies, Ferrero crunch and Ferrero rice bubbles, macadamia crunch, marshmallows, meringues, strawberries and bananas, as well as a side of melted chocolate sauce, maple syrup and Nutella.

Why do you love it?

“Because it’s a unique product that’s never been seen in Melbourne before, I’m also a huge sweet tooth!”

Photography tip: “Videos tend to work well for this one, because the board rotates it makes a great video!”

Sizzling milk tea roti

Where: Son In Law 56 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066

Recommended by: @Melbfoodbaby

Son in law’s sizzling milk tea roti. Photo: @melbfoodbaby

Son in law’s sizzling milk tea roti. Photo: @melbfoodbaby

About the dish: A dessert roti? You know it. The roti comes with marshmallow, crushed cashew nuts and vanilla ice cream. The pour? You can get Thai milk tea, Milo or Matcha!

Why do you love it?

“Because it’s fun, interactive but super indulgent and tasty at the same time.”

Photography tip:

“Take a photo outside for good lighting and eat it inside.”

Baby Octopus

Where: Osteria Ilaria 367 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

Recommended by: @Ieatmelbourne

Osteria Ilaria's baby octopus. Photo: @Ieatmelbourne

Osteria Ilaria’s baby octopus. Photo: @Ieatmelbourne

About the dish: A whole grilled baby octopus plated up with spicy n’duja – a spreadable sausage.

Why do you love it?

“Osteria Ilaria’s baby octopus on n’duja is what springs to mind for me. Insta-worthy for all of the right reasons. Quality dish, great presentation, contemporary and photographically compelling.”

Hazelnut Dacquoise

Where: Kisumé 175 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Recommended by: @Melbourne_Lyf

Kisumé's Hazelnut dacquoise. Photo: @Kisume_au/Instagram

Kisumé’s Hazelnut dacquoise. Photo: @Kisume_au/Instagram

About the dish: Made with 65% Dark Chocolate Mousse and a Frangelico centre.

Why do you love it?

“Melbourne’s hottest new Japanese restaurant also has some of the most aesthetically pleasing dishes in town. We couldn’t go past this daquoise (which is actually a French dish). Minimalism is so hot right now, and this dish delivers in spades. Oh, it tastes pretty good too.”

Photography tip:

“Aerial shots are ideal when your dish looks this perfect, but don’t be afraid to get down to table level for another perspective.”

Calamari noodles

Where: Ramblr 363 Chapel St, South Yarra VIC 3141

Recommended by: @Imsohungree

Ramblr's Calamari Noodles. Photo: @Imsohungree

Ramblr’s Calamari Noodles. Photo: @Imsohungree

About the dish: Calamari noodles with smoked bone marrow and kimchi.
Why do you love it? “It’s just so striking, and yet so unusual at the same time. In terms of aesthetics, I love the vibrancy of the kimchi offset by the stark whiteness of the plate and the calamari. And the texture in the calamari makes it visually fascinating as well. It looks like an abstract artpiece! It also tastes delicious, as it looks, vibrant, textural, with quick a kick from the kimchi.”
Photography tip: “Go at lunch so you have natural light! The restaurant is quite dim at night. Give all angles a go, it’s stunning from a birds eye view but also up close with all the texture and colour. “