The best (and worst) Metro Tunnel rail station name suggestions

  • Aug 28, 2017

Melbourne, step up, step up, the Victorian Government has opened the naming of the Metro Tunnel’s new underground rail stations to the public.

At this point, you’re thinking: why do people keep opening themselves up for internet ridicule when Boaty McBoatface is still so fresh in our memories?

Well Daniel Andrews’ team has put in a safeguard – the submissions will be put to a panel who will filter it down to five options.

A much safer option than a locked in popular vote!

  • See end of story for how to submit your own name.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped a plethora of ridiculous and, to be fair, some not so ridiculous suggestions.

Here are a few of our fave suggestions garnered from across the inter webs.

Latte Station

– Paul Sherry/Facebook

Not bad. Probably better as Soy Latte Station.



Brashs Station

– Brashs/Facebook

Lol. if this gets up, we definitely need a Blockbuster Video Station.

Crystal Meth Station

– David McMillan/Facebook

Why not go one step further and have Breaking Bad Station?

Geoff Station

– Sean Lambie/Facebook

If we were millionaires, we’d throw all of our dollarydoos behind this one. We’ve already got a Dennis Station, why not a Geoff!?

Meatpies Station

– Marianna Pauline/Facebook

Can you even get a meat pie at the station anymore?

Barry Humphries Station

– Mark Wilson/Facebook

Don’t forget to touch on, possums.

Footy Station

– Paul Sherry/Facebook

Very Melbourne. Hard to argue with.

Immigration Station

– Nick Halliday/Facebook

Why not?

Replacement Buses Above Station

– John/The Age

Well played, John.

Station McStationFace

– Pretty much everyone with a keyboard.

No. Just no.

Platform 9 3/4

– Jennifer/Facebook


How to submit your station name


The Victorian Government will make a decision on the five station names after considering a shortlist compiled by an Advisory Panel.


  • Names should be easy to pronounce, spell and write • no longer than three words or 25 characters in total (e.g. Southern Cross Station)
  • an exception is Aboriginal language names which may at first appear complex but will, over time, become familiar and easy to use (e.g. Birrarung Marr) If you wish to name a station after a person • the person should have been held in high regard by the community and preferably have some connection to the location
  • the names of people who are still alive must be avoided
  • Names should be relevant to the specific location • names should reflect the history of the local area and iconic locations nearby

If you think any of the current working names is indeed the best choice, feel free to make them your suggestion

Think about the long term effects of the name.

Will it continue to make sense to future generations of commuters, businesses, tourists and other visitors? For more detail about what makes an acceptable name, see the Naming rules for places in Victoria on the Office of Geographic Names website.

If any of your suggestions become a final station name, you’ll be in the running to win:

  • School students: an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Metro Tunnel for your class
  • 18 and over: an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Metro Tunnel works

Submissions close October 22.