Is this the most Melbourne song ever?

  • Aug 25, 2017

The title of the Most Melbourne Song Ever is hotly contested, and for good bloody reason. But we think we’ve found a new contender.

From little known Melbourne outfit, The Argotiers comes the instant classic I wanna die in a Franco Cozzo bed.

Ok, it’s not the most subtle title, but when it comes to referencing Melbourne nuances, it’s tough to beat.

Naturally, the video is filmed on location at the Franco Cozzo store in Brunswick, but there are a few other gems in there too.

Keep an eye out for The Retreat Hotel, the infamous Brunswick Savers and Town Hall Kebabs!

No appearance from the main man himself, but Franco’s brilliant TV ads do feature.


According to The Argotiers’ Facebook page, the six piece band has a “combined 673 years of experience and absolutely no success to date”.

They have a garage feel which they say is influenced by the likes of The Buzzcocks, The Beatles and Billy Bragg, and their latest effort epitomises that sound.

Their other songs are inspired by such diverse topics as Julie Andrews and “Saturday nights out in Coburg”.

In honour of this latest release, here are a few more songs bound to inspire images of Melbourne in your mind’s eye.

Leaps and Bounds – Paul Kelly

I’m high on the hill, looking over the bridge to the M.C.G. 

Need we say more?

Four Seasons In One Day – Crowded House

Ok, so the Finn brothers aren’t exactly from Melbourne, but apart from that, this is as Melbourne as it gets.

Footscray Station – Camp Cope

Another song which features a Franco Cozzo reference! This gem also has the lines like:

And our house got robbed again, they stole Tom’s bike and a GPS and I’m running home again from Footscray 

And this one:

Now there’s blood on Scott Morrison’s hands. There’s a rally in the city if you want to meet there.

All Torn Down – The Living End

Apart from being one of our fave The Living End songs, this anthem for the angry hits the nail on the head of late ’90s angst with a rapidly changing city.

Dumb ways to die

Sorry not sorry for including this. This ridiculous earworm from the Metro Trains team, sung by Emily Lubitz went proper viral. And sorry, but it’s very, very Melbourne.