Are these the best cocktails in Melbourne?

  • May 30, 2017

Om Nom Kitchen has once again upped the cocktail game in Melbourne, with its new range set to blow your flippin’ mind.

  • Om Nom Kitchen
  • At the Adelphi Hotel, 187 Flinders Ln, Melbourne
  • Available from 5pm – 11pm (midnight Fri/Sat)
Spiced G&T. Photo: Supplied

Spiced G&T. Photo: Supplied

Crafted by renowned mixologist Grant Collins, the man responsible for 2016’s epic range including the Secret Garden (more on that later), and expertly mixed by Om Nom’s Chris McDonald, the latest cocktail range features a stunning mixture of theatre, sensory delights and, of course, some of the finest alcoholic beverages you can get your hands on.

Sure to get tongues wagging is the Champagne Bubble Bath (above). The $78 drink serves up to four people and features vodka, crème de violet, rose liqueur, fresh pressed citrus, and a delightfully playful champagne bubble bath.

Yes, it’s served to share in a bathtub with mini ducks.

Champagne Bubble Bath. Photo: Supplied.

Champagne Bubble Bath. Photo: Supplied.

“We got the antique bathtubs from London,” Grant told Melbourne Lyf. “We got them shipped over. They’re 1.2 litres.”

Then there’s the Netflix Movie Nights cocktail, which is sure to be blowing up your Instagram feed very, very soon.

Served in a popcorn box, with salted popcorn on top, the $20 cocktail features popcorn washed rum with house made cherry cola, fresh lavender and spices.

Netflix Movie Nights cocktail. Photo: Supplied.

Netflix Movie Nights cocktail. Photo: Supplied.

“I just love all those flavours,” Grant says.

“You’ve got the popcorn, the salt, the sweet, you’ve got the rum in there, it just works. And it’s fun as well.

“I’ve been working on it for a while but the missing link was the box.

“I tried to use the cardboard boxes and they fell apart but I managed to source these new ones in the UK and I thought: we can do this!

“We’ve even got an old school vintage popcorn machine in, purely for this drink.”

Hubba Bubba Martini.

Hubba Bubba Martini.

Grant says the new range is all about playfulness.

“The thought process behind it was about bringing you back to your childhood.”

“I tend to drink in a lot of cocktail bars and sometimes they’re a bit serious.

“I love a classic cocktail more than anybody, but I think going out is about a bit of escapism and having fun, that’s what we tried to do with this cocktail list.”

But don’t let the playfulness fool you, these drinks are top shelf.

“Really it’s all about what’s in the glass,” Grant says.

“It’s got to be a really good drink. It’s not a gimmick. A lot of the drinks look like gimmicks but we put a lot of work into them as well.”

Girls Night Out cocktail. Photo: Supplied.

Girls Night Out cocktail. Photo: Supplied.

So how does Grant come up with his ideas?

“You don’t sit down and go right I’m going to do it. You’re just always collecting ideas, always writing things down, always recording things. It never stops.”

Om Nom Kitchen’s new cocktails

Adelphi Grog

Rum, dark spiced Rum, barrel aged bitters, apricot liqueur, fresh pressed pineapple, passionfruit. Served in a smoking grog bottle. $26

Hubba Bubba Martini

Hubba bubba vodka, bubblegum syrup, fresh pressed lemon juice. Served straight up with hubba bubba & fresh lemon garnish. $20

Girls Night Out

Vodka shaken with crème de fraise, fresh pressed raspberries, violet & rose syrup, fresh pressed citrus. Served straight up on a mirror platter with raspberry & chambord lipstick , rose petals, champagne perfume. $28

Toasted Pecan Negroni

Smoked, roasted pecan gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, pecan & chocolate bitters. Served smoking with a side of roasted pecans. $24

Toasted Pecan Negroni

Toasted Pecan Negroni

Spiced G&T (for 2)

Burleigh’s London dry gin, house made spiced syrup, tonic. Served smoking in a porthole infuser to share. $30

Plum & Sage Sorbet Bellini

Sage infused gin shaken with house made plum sorbet, fresh pressed lemon juice. Topped with sparkling wine & rosemary. Served straight up. $20

Champagne Bubble Bath

(as above)

Netflix Movie Nights

(as above)

What else is on the list?

Om Nom Ping Pong

Sloe Gin, fresh pressed citrus, candied orange, popping candy. $21

Salted Caramel Cracking Espresso

Vanilla spiked vodka, salted caramel, Kahlua, cold pressed espresso, caramel & coffee nitro charged foam, frozen at the table. $25

Espresso martinis with a twist.

Espresso martinis with a twist.

Campari Rose Bloom Martini

Citrus vodka, fresh pressed citrus, Campari, rose scented foam. $19

Passion Bean Martini

Passionfruit infused vodka, vanilla liqueur, fresh citrus, served straight up with an icing sugar dusting & fresh passionfruit $21

Toothpaste Mojito

Light rum, pressed organic mint, clari ed lime juice, mojito toothpaste, toothbrush. 23

Smoking Marshmallow Colada

Marshmallow rum, coconut, vanilla syrup, fresh pressed pineapple, roasted marshmallows. Served in a cloud of hickory smoke. 25

French Kiss

Ketel One Vodka, Cointreau, port, house made chutney, g jam, fresh pressed pineapple with a platter selection of cheese, lavosh.
The perfect pairing. 28

Sex on St Kilda Beach

Peach liquor, rose foam shooter, serving of chamboard caviar, rum, coconut water, fresh fairy oss. Presented with sea shells, deck chair & edible sand. 28

Secret Garden

Cucumber gin, crisp cucumber, organic mint, elder ower, fresh pressed apple. Served on a bed of edible soil with absinthe jelly worms. 25

Why not share?

Gin, Ketel One Vodka, spiced rum, Cointreau, spiced syrup, cranberry, spices. Served in a smoking nitro charged teapot. 39

Nitro Tea Party (for 2)

* Melbourne Lyf sampled the new range of cocktails courtesy of Om Nom Kitchen.