Comedy veteran Wil Anderson still going strong

  • Mar 31, 2017

Wil Anderson describes the Melbourne International Comedy Festival as: “The anchor of my life.”

A brief pause is followed by a “sorry, that got a lot more serious than I intended.”

It’s a heart-warming moment on opening night of his show, Critically Wil, at the Comedy Theatre.

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Sure, he spends a bit of time bagging out Brunswick types, and half his year living in the US these days, but there’s something comforting when Wil’s back on the Melbourne stage.

The show lasts an hour, but it’s a testament to his sleekness as a performer, that he pretty much runs the entire gamut of global issues in that time, never missing a beat the entire show.

We’re talking anti-vaccers, global warming, US poltics, domestic violence, gender equality, autism, racism, medicinal marijuana, the housing crisis, and even the Aussie cricket team.

He mentions more than once, the osteo arthritis that is slowly destroying his hips. He even reveals he is saving up for his hip replacement. Makes you wonder, if  a successful, hard working comedian like Wil Anderson can’t afford surgery, who can?

But after 22 years of MICF, the 43-year-old (yes, Wil is 43. Hard to believe!) strolled out to AC/DC’s Back In Black and was on song from that point on.

He started with an anecdote about a plane, and he just kept flying. Let’s hope he doesn’t touch down any time soon.

Wil Anderson

What you’ll get

A polished performance from one of the all-time great Aussie comedians.

Why we loved it

Honest, at times brutal, but always humourous.

Why you should go and see it

Wil is that comedian who never fails to deliver. After two decades, he remains a must-see.

Critically Wil blurb

In 2017 Wil Anderson is back with his brand new show Critically Wil.

You might know him as the host of ABC’s top-rating show Gruen or from his various podcasts, but it is on stage where Wil feels most at home.

Wil is at the peak of his powers and his 2016 show Fire at Wil was considered by audiences and critics as his best show yet. 



* Melbourne Lyf attended Critically Wil as a guest of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival